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Yak 12

Nato Code name “Creek”  

This Russian Yakovlev 12M Forward Observation and Air Ambulance aircraft of the former Soviet Union is under restoration to flying condition  by volunteers of  Antique & Classic Aircraft Intl. Inc. of Long Island. The Yak-12 was designed by Yakovlev to a 1944 Russian Air Force requirement for a new “Forward Observation Aircraft” to operate off rough unimproved strips and remote areas.This example was built in Poland. It is powered by the Ivchenko AI-14R, 260 hp, 9 Cylinder radial and is fitted out in the Air Ambulance or “Medi-Vac” configuration.This aircraft is being restored to flying condition to original configuration and equipment for flight and static display for all to enjoy.We are requesting donations to help bring this interesting and rare aircraft back to life.  Donations of any amount no matter how small would be gratefully accepted.  All those donating their time or money will be acknowledged in the permanent restoration records of the aircraft.

Please forward any donations to…

Antique and Classic Aircraft International, Inc

1930 Veterans Highway,

Suite 12-220

Islandia, NY 11749